A record change resulted in an SSL error

My client is switching to a new host. Their domains are registered with a registrar. Their records in the registrar are pointed to Cloudflare. DNS from CloudFlare were pointed to the old host. When we changed the A record IP to the new host, the domain then resolved to an SSL error page.

Why is that?

Whatever it points to now probably isn’t configured for SSL. Set the DNS record(s) to :grey: until you get it working with HTTPS. Then switch it back to :orange:.

Why would a CloudFlare error page show up, if SSL isn’t set up in the account on the web host? Does CloudFlare ping or somehow send a request to the host that requires an answer, as opposed to just sending the request on to the host?

I went to the site: SSL Checker and there seems to be a certificate on the domain.

### planetarydesign.c o m resolves to
### Server Type: cloudflare
### The certificate should be trusted by all major web browsers (all the correct intermediate certificates are installed).

The certificate will expire in 175 days.|

The hostname (planetarydesign.com) is correctly listed in the certificate.

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