A record being revoked

My site was moved to a new name server, why is the A record added is being revoked??

I’m not sure what you mean by moving the name server and revoking of an A record. Can you provide the domain name?

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How have you determined that the A record has been “revoked”? As that word is not actual DNS jargon, what does “revoked” mean in your usage.

Are you receiving a message that the hostname does not exist?

Are you seeing the same address returned as before you updated it? This is expected behavior when the hostname is :orange: proxied.

Do you use a third-party integration such as Ezoic? If you have an Ezoic integration, all DNS changes must be made in Ezoic as Ezoic regularly replaces any records found in Cloudflare with those it has.

If you share

please share the hostname of the A record as well.

If you could also share what is happening along with what you expect to happen, that would also be helpful.

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My website was moved by NameHero to another server (not my choice). I updated the DNS ip address and my website keeps breaking. Their support team told me to ask that EXACT wording to Cloudflare.

Could you share the name of your website?

Could you also explain how your website breaks? Do you see any errors, or is your layout not loading correctly? Without any information, there isn’t really any way to help you.

Yes, website: robbrestyle dot com

It goes offline. Cloudflare says it’s an issue with the host.

When I asked for support from namehero, they sent this:

Can you please check with their support, why the A record added is being revoked ?

Let us know their update.


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Here’s where the issue started:

from NameHero: As mentioned in our initial email, if you have a domain registered with another registrar that utilizes the hosting package that was just migrated, you’ll need to update your nameservers with the information below in the next few days to avoid disruption.

New server name: XXX
new IP address: XXX
New nameservers: XXX

If you are using third-party DNS servers (such as Cloudflare/quic.cloud) please make sure to update A records to the new IP address: XXX

To be honest, I don’t know how to do what they are telling me to do. I edited the DNS record when the new IP address and name server.

However, my site is offline again and there is an error message next to the Type A record that says: This hostname is not covered by a certificate.

I don’t use a third party integration. I’m just a blogger… should the host name NOT be proxied? I don’t know what to change

Namehero migrated my webhosting package - not my request - just something they did. Then my website went offline.

They told me to change these things:

New server name: node613.namehero.net

New IP address:

New nameservers:  ns1.namehero.com

And then said this:
If you are using third-party DNS servers (such as Cloudflare/quic.cloud) please make sure to update A records to the new IP address: as well.

I don’t know how to change these things…

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That error message indicates that you have a typo in the name of your DNS record. Please show a screenshot of your DNS records, and also pause Cloudflare as explained here:

I paused the two DNS records that I had edited.

First of all, delete the record with the name node613.namehero.net.

Then, you have 2 records for the name robbrestyle.com - one with the new IP and one with the old IP.
You need to delete the record with the old IP.

After that, you need to change all other A records from the old IP to the new IP.


YOU ARE AMAZING! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Thank you so much - this is the instruction I needed!!

Much appreciated!

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