A record and WWW IP address to be updated, where?

I change hosting site providers and I am being told to point to an IP address with an A record. I did that and they are telling me that i still have to A records pointing to 2 cloudflare IP address. They said to update my www as well. But i dont see those two cloudflare IP address on my panel so where do i update these two other records that are pointing to cloudflare?

It’s normal for outsiders to see the two Cloudflare IP addresses.

What matters is what you have in your DNS page in the Cloudflare dashboard. If you changed hosts, then you need to update every IP address there to the new one your current host gave you.

Is your “new” site not working?

correct, my site still not showing up. So i asked them to confirm its live as well. I’ve done this before and while not an IT or DNS expert, every A record to a new IP address has worked. Even for subdomains with a specific IP address. So not sure who is missing a step here, the hosting site provider or cloudflare. Glad that the two cloudflare IP address is normal because they were saying thats the issue. Glad thats not it. This leads me to believe the hosting site provider is missing a step.

For major changes such as this, I recommend you go to the Overview page for your domain at dash.cloudflare.com and click the “Pause Cloudflare on Site” link in the lower right corner, then wait five minutes. This should put you and your host in a better position to troubleshoot.

What does that do? Neve done that and thank you for taking the time to help with your responses.

It lets you take a step back to make sure a site is properly configured before switching on Cloudflare.

Thank you. It took a little time but we were able to get this resolved. I gave them your suggestions and basically took a step back and worked our way from there. Thanks.

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