A Record and Cname, would this be the correct way to do it?

Thanks cloonan for moving my post to the correct spot!

I decided not to continue down the abyss of continually setting up https and would like to downgrade back to http. There are entities that can upend all that from what I can see.

Irregardless of reasons, Does this look correctly setup to do that?

Screenshot at 2020-03-27 11-28-06

I’ll keep the reasons for wanting to downgrade contained in my own site so as to not start anything I can’t finish. Suffice to say, between the department of defense hits and the ip provider erasing the logs, it’s time to go fishing in a different pond.

Considering the fact that “modern” browsers will not allow traffic to funnel through to my ip address or an http address and are forcing https has been taken into account.

Ultimately, my customers who receive systems from me will now be receiving an OFF-LINE version of my website that is placed in their pc so they won’t even need internet (that project is starting today actually).

Well, that was my long-winded reason for asking the forum to see my entry below and tell me if it is set up correctly.

Screenshot at 2020-03-27 11-28-06

Thanks for anyone’s input on whether or not the order is correct or not (I used to know how to do this).

At least for now browsers still do handle HTTP sites just fine. There might be the occasional scare jump but generally they send out requests just fine. There is one exception, certain features (like WebRTC for example) do require HTTPS. Not because they wouldnt work on HTTP, but simply because browser manufacturers decided to require it.

Overall, I am not sure why you decided to skip HTTPS. It really is not much of an issue. You create an Origin certificate on Cloudflare, download the private key and the public certificate, configure both on your webserver, switch Cloudflare to “Full strict”, and you are good to go on HTTPS.

As for your actual question, DNS entries really are not related to HTTP or HTTPS. These are two different things, however if that IP address is the correct IP address of the server where your site is running, then that setup should be all right.

Hey Sandro, one more question.

There’s no good reason behind what I do (I’m retarded so this is just par for the course), but how can I delete my domain entirely from cloudflare? Rest assured it’s not for any reason that is the fault of cloudflare, I just want to try using my ip address only for a spell (i.e. without concern about the demise of the domain name). Thanks

*I couldn’t find the kill button so that’s why I ask.

You point the domain to the original nameservers and remove it from your Cloudflare dashboard. Thats it.

Found it…thanks.

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