A record and cname aren't propagating it's been more than 48 hours

It’s been over 48 hours and the A record hasn’t propagated. My website is down but email is working on outlook!

I’m trying to set up mailgun to send emails and have added two mx records, two txt records and a cname.



That “A” record for what? I don’t see any DNS records for the website itself. Either brightonseoguru.co.uk or www as an “A” record with an IP address, or a CNAME.

Ah, my (slight) mistake and bad reading skills in my lookup results. There’s a CNAME for ‘www’, but it points to a hostname that doesn’t have an “A” record.

Please add an “A” record for brightonseoguru.co.uk with the 5.100 IP address.

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That did it.

But you might want to tweak your site layout a bit:


Great, many thanks! I don’t see what you see

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My browser is on a large monitor, so it shows quite a bit more of the page than standard.

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