A recent silence, a little... excessive, maybe?

Hello, I was recently silenced from the Cloudflare Community for “Multiple useless posts”. In the email, it said to “please refrain from using the Community tip designation”. However, I feel the silence was a little excessive considering that it’s a very low severity offence! I mean, if someone could explain in more detail why silence was necessary (I mean you could have just issued an official staff warning for that offence, rather than silencing me for several days)! So can someone (preferably the person who silenced me, don’t worry I’m not mad at you) explain to me why I was silenced rather than warned for the incident? Was it due to spam posts or what? P.S: I’m not trying to start any drama with this post, if a staff member feels this would be better in a PM, then a staff member (or anyone with permission to send a PM) can send me a PM and we can talk about it there! I hope to receive a reply back as soon as possible! Please and thanks!

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