A problem about the website often error 520 ,and how to clean the cache automatic

thank for Cloudflare make my website be fast.
and now i want to ask two problem,
1.since i use the cdn ,someone feedback to me ,about the website have error 520 , but myself is never meet ,how can i solve the problem?
2.i find everytime i ajust some code about my jsp files from server but outside(is old version) my country people open is different from inside (is new version) our country,how to set it that can update the version of cdn server automatic?

I looking forward your reply!

A 520 means what it says, the server returned an unknown error. If you say it does not even reach the log file there is a chance the connection broke before it even made it to the web layer. If the error is intermittent it might the machine is overloaded.


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