A phishing complaint has been received

Your domain has content that has been blocked.

Please review the items below that have been blocked as potential Terms of Service violations. Once you have removed the content, or if you believe the block to be in error, you can request that Cloudflare’s Trust & Safety team remove the block.

April 25, 2023 11:19 PM , Phishing , Abuse Report 4ccc513c2bf17a9b

In my personal account, I indicated that there is no such problem anymore, but the lock is still present.

How to remove the page lock, in my case this is a redirect link.

I think the suggested answer is:

The community here won’t be able to assist in any case of TS issue. You’ll have to hear from them alone though it may take some time get response.

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In my personal account, I had the opportunity to send feedback on this issue, which I did. But about 4 days have already passed, and nothing changes. In my opinion, this is a very long period of responding to requests.

A review is pending. If approved, Cloudflare will remove the block.

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