A persistent Problem

To give an example of whats happening.

This sort of thing is occurring in one form or another for sites of which I am a member all over the place. I am at my wits end. I don’t understand how this can be. Its occurring across three devices and multiple locations around my state. Home, uni, my phone, my laptop, my desktop.

I am lead to believe that its got something to do with something tracking me across these places and devices. I found cloudflare as a reference in the error page logging in to doordash in that video, which is what lead me here. I have a funny feeling that I am being somehow blacklisted.

If you guys can’t help me I don’t know where to turn or what to do!!

Sorry to see you’re having these issues. Are you still seeing this now?

Pretty much yeah. I still can’t dash or a couple of other things. I called my ISP (I’ve been away at Uni for fur months so I’ve had no recourse for this until I go home being a paying customer, ya know) and they don’t seem very keen on fixing things. I feel they’re hiding something because when I called they hung up on me without telling me what was causing the issue, though it did get fixed for one particular site.

I think they’re using a transparent proxy for some reason. I found some interesting stuff on Stackoverflow about 503 errors and said proxies… not sure what I can do about it.

Does anyone care to help me???

I’m not clear what the problem is, and what steps got you to that point. It looks like doordash is sending you a JSON file.

Yeah dude I really wish I knew what the problem is. I was kinda hoping some of you would have some idea about it. As I said before this happens on login. It loads faster than a typical webpage (and thats normally a split second). Maybe before Ive taken my finger off the button this loads. Happens with a lot of sites…

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