A particular .css file is not in sync with GitHub

I’ve been using Cloudflare Pages for some weeks now. I have linked a GitHub repo to Cloudflare Pages.

I regularly make all sorts of changes in VS Code, commit the changes and push the changes. In less than a minute, the changes are reflected on the website. Great.

However, today, I’m struggling to see that workflow work. I’ve pinpointed the problem to a particular .css file. No matter what changes I make to that file, the website doesn’t reflect the changes.

I’ve checked that my GitHub repo shows those changes.
I’ve checked that other changes to that GitHub repo reflect on the Cloudflare.
I’ve checked that the particular deployment was happening successfully on Cloudflare Dashboard.
I’ve tried to “custom purge” that file and wait minutes to see the changes with no luck.

What’s happening looks super weird to me. My website has been showing seriously wrong for some time. That makes me wonder if this is going to happen in the future even though I haven’t even figured out how to solve the problem at hand.

I’ve purged the cache of that URL again, cleared the cache in my browser, and, after one minute or so, the changes are finally reflected.

All this still makes me wonder why this was needed if other (many) changes I’ve made in the past have been reflected instantly. I mean, how can I prevent this misbehavior from occurring in the future.