A null DNS lookup was found for include

hi, my spf is coming up wrong with a Null when i have my ser er ip and the name
“v=spf1 ip4:2xx.xxx.xx.xx include:spf.protection.outlook.com include:server.mydoman.com ~all”
the include server.mydomain.com is what is showing up as the Null Lookup found.
Any idea what i should look at to fix or should i just delete
“include:server.mydoman.com cos its on the same ip4:2xx.xxx.xx.xx” ?

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Can you share what you read that suggested you should add an include mechanism that contained a non-existent hostname in your domain to your SPF record?

You definitely should remove that from your SPF record.

Unless the server at the referenced IP address will be directly sending email to recipient mailservers, you shouldn’t need it either. If that server is directly sending email to recipient MX hosts, you should reconsider that strategy and look into using a transactional email service instead.