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Hello Cloudflare community,

I do not much about DNS services…and it may show by this post…so I apologize!

I recently logged in to my Cloudflare account as I periodically do and I saw on my DNS seettings 2 A name records for my domain. I just several subdomain names via a Zero Trust Tunnel connecting back to my home nas. My main domain is not hosting anything…but in the DNS page of Cloudflare there are 2 A records for it with two different IP addresses that point back to Amazon.com Inc.

My questions is…does the main domain require 2 A records? And a follow up - why would the IP address point back to Amazon.com? I am assuming Cloudflare and Amazon web services work together. I did play around with deleting one A record and seeing if my subdomains still worked - they did. I added that record back and the deleted the second one and again tried my subdomains - still worked. I did end up putting them both back until after I got feedback from the community. Do I need both A records, do I need any A record if I am not hosting anything on the primary domain? I ask because I saw a ‘dangling A record’ error.

Thank You for your feedback.


Cloudflare doesn’t do anything that would add AWS (or any sort of amazon.com IPs or records) to your DNS page, these would be something you added (either yourself, or via some third party tool using your API credentials).

There is no requirement to have any A records at all on the apex/main domain unless you are hosting a page at that location, or unless you have subdomains that you CNAME to the apex of your domain. It could be that these were from a previous configuration, or it could be that you have CNAMEs on your subdomains that point to the apex of your domain which therefore rely on having these A records.

Thank you for the reply. I do have several sub-domains that i created through Cloudflare zero trust tunnel that are connecting to several self-hosted applications on my synology nas. If I deleted the A names, and then i check on all of my sub-domains, if I find one that all of a sudden doesn’t run properly, could I re-add the A name record back? I am not quite sure which of my self hosted apps, if any, would need this A record pointing back to an amazon.com inc IP address….i certainly didnt add the A name, but over time I have added sub-domains, and removed others, through the zero trust tunnels…its the only thing i use that ties to my domain name.

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