A Name Record not updating when connecting to Shopify Store

I’ve added the shopify IP address (, yet is show my store is pointing to another Cloudflare IP address (

Why isn’t it updating? Been two months, had to put the project on hold.

As long as the DNS record has an orange icon next to it, it means Cloudflare is proxying the traffic for it - and to do that - Cloudflare’s IP is published. If you do NOT want Cloudflare to process this traffic (so you don’t get ANY of Cloudflare’s services: protection / SSL / firewall rules etc) - you can click on the orange cloud to make it grey - and then the original IP (or CNAME if it’s a CNAME) will be returned from Cloudflare’s DNS; In that scenario, Cloudflare is only protecting your DNS service, nothing else.

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Ok that fixed the A record… it also says the CNAME is missing “www” —> “shops.myshopify.com

Do I need to do the same thing?

if they expect to see that “www” is a CNAME to “shops.myshopify.com”, then yes, the cloud icon needs to be grey.

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You should get a raise. Thanks!

We’re volunteers here :slight_smile:

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Does 10% sound fair?


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