A Name Record for Subdomain points to Third Party Site - Flexible SSL?

I’ve spent a couple of hours poking around and haven’t been able to get this question answered, so, my apologies if this has already been answered…

The CRM provider I use has created an option for custom branding URLs through assignment of a subdomain and then pointing the A Name Record in my DNS settings to the their servers IP address.

Their advice was to use Cloudflare flexible SSL to address this.

Site: telecomprehensive.com

subdomain: myportal.telecomprehensive.com

Was getting the following error:

Your connection is not private

Attackers might be trying to steal your information from myportal.telecomprehensive.com (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards).Learn more


So, signed up for Cloudflare, went through setup steps, pointed name servers to Cloudflare and am now getting:

This page isn’t working

telecomprehensive.com redirected you too many times.


Once pointing my name servers to Cloudflare neither the main site nor the subdomain are accessible - getting too many redirects/try clearing cookies error on main site and not sure how to resolve this. Saw something about an https loop between the hosting server and Cloudflare but can’t figure out how to turn off the force to https on my hosting account… know there’s probably some small thing I’m missing…

And for the subdomain it changes the error to:

This site can’t be reached

myportal.telecomprehensive.com refused to connect.



Also, very concerned that the subdomain is still unsecure after reading through some of the help material, that the traffic between Cloudflare and my site is secure, but that it wouldn’t be to the CRM providers origin server. They won’t load SSL certs on their server with my domain, which I believe is the only way to truly solve this… what am i missing?

Appreciate any help

myportal.telecomprehensive.com doesn’t even look like it’s defined to me.

Every time I point the name servers to Cloudflare I get the errors listed above. When I point them back to my hosting provider I can get to both domain/sub with no issues, outside of the not secure warning for the sub. Would really appreciate any advice on how to get this worked through correctly.

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