A Name Record changing every 3 days

Hi - The host I am using for my website publishes static files to a CDN. They provide the CNAME record details (which are flattened) and everything is working fine. However, there is NO A Record in the DNS. I don’t know if this is an issue or not? I have other sites set up like this and A Record shows as being the organization “Cloudflare” and appears to stay static. However, this particular domain shows the A Record as Amazon and it changes value every 3 days.

Here is a screen shot from security trails

Thanks in advance for any help / pointers / thoughts. …I’m sorry to have split the post over 3 messages…as a newbie here I couldn’t work out why the post was being rejected for “having more than 4 links” when I had not added any although I see certain terms have links added to them automatically.

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