A Name Not Redirecting to IP

I am wanting to redirect rust.stellar-network.co.uk to a different server

So you don’t want requests to that host to reach any origin in the first place but be redirected straight away?

That would be done via page rules, there are a couple of articles for that at #Tutorials.

Yes I just want to point rust. to another server completely. As a way for people to connect directly to my game servers through rust. as the web server and game server are on 2 different servers

I have tried Page Rules but didn’t get anywhere… I will try again. How long does it normally take for things to propagate?

Page rules are not DNS related and are active essentially immediately, a few seconds maybe.

I have discord. and wp. as Page Redirects but they do not work either
Eg. wp.stellar-network.co.uk redirects to https://stellar-network.co.uk/wp-login.php but does not work

Did you follow this?

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It’s worth noting the game server is not a web server and runs on ports ranging between 28015-28021

Then that won’t work on Cloudflare at all and that won’t be redirect related either.

You need to make sure these records are unproxied and need to handle things on your origin.

Ohhhh, so I would need to redirect these through my Hosting Provider? Because that would honestly make more sense now

If it is not HTTP related then yes, Cloudflare only handles HTTP.

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I am unsure as to why this does not work then - I will take a look at that tutorial

You said rust.stellar-network.co.uk, that’s not anywhere there.

Yes rust. that would be the Hosting Provider redirect - discord. and wp. are HTTP/HTTPS redirects also but do not work

These two won’t work because there are no DNS records to begin with.

So I would need to create DNS records to point to, Discord for example? O.o

Sure, DNS records are essential. The tutorial has all on that.

I don’t think I’m following you, I have watched the video and this is what I had done before… so I would need to create a DNS record like this, as well as a Page Rule pointing to the exact website I want my subdomain to go to?

Again, why rust? You are not talking about that. Plus, that setup does not match the tutorial.

Again, please follow the tutorial.

I’ve just worked it out - and yes, my apologies, it was not meant to be Rust there, I confused myself.

I understand now, thank you! (Faster responses than any Live Chat I’ve used!)

My pleasure. And yes, the discord record is in place now and the redirect works.

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