A massive attack on a site and I can't stop it

:rofl: I blocked all continents, but I can access the site with difficulty from another country, I told you, sir, nothing works on my account

To block everyone except yourself I’d try this:

Changing for your own IP Address

This is now
My website is still very slow and often gets dropped

I do not understand what you mean

Yes, I sent a message to support and I’m still waiting for a response

@danysamyamin Could you please share your # ticket number with us here for escalation of this? Thank you in advance.

That Firewall Rule will stop anyone without your IP Address from accessing your site

The best advice I can give at this point is that you should consider hiring a system administrator to handle this for you, preferably one that is familiar with Cloudflare.

Whether it’s the language or the technical barrier, the communication is being close to being nonexistent, as, after nearly 30 replies, there is no meaningful progress on your case.


@danysamyamin have you blocked connections to your server from any IP that is not from Cloudflare as listed IP Ranges | Cloudflare ?

Sounds like this is whats happening.

So no one asked if he hasn’t leaked his real server, you know mx records that sort of stuff. So many think they safe then do silly stuff like that as they don’t know better.

Let’s be honest, cloudflare blocks attacks 100x bigger than this, obviously we aren’t seeing the entire picture due to his language barrier.

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