A mail related record does not work

Hi. I have a website on one server and the emails from that domain on a different server, managed with CloudFlare. The emails have not reached it for a few days, they bounce. Until recently it worked, to access to see them you accessed a subdomain called “webmail” of the same domain, for that an A record was created with the IP of the server where the emails are going to stop. However, PINGing “webmail.domain … dot com” does not show the IP where it should point but a different one, which is: Looking for that IP in the browser turns out to be a CloudFlare error page 1003 . Some help?

Hi @Mininux,

This may help? If not, can you share the domain?

Yes, thanks. The domain is arflat.com.ar

Looks like step 1 in the tutorial is your issue. There aren’t any MX records for your domain.

Yes it is. Maybe is wrong but it is. But it has to be another server, not the same of the website.

That’s fine, does the server you want to point it to have a hostname or just an IP address?

to a hostname

So you just need to create an MX record for your domain name pointing to that hostname of your mail server.

Type: MX
Name: arflat.com.ar
Content: mail.arflat.com.ar
TTL: Automatic
State: Only DNS

It´s all right?

Yes, that’s right. You now have an MX record pointing to mail.arflat.com.ar, but no A record for the mail subdomain.

So add an A record for mail, pointing to your mail server IP and make sure it is set to :grey:.

It should look like this, replacing with your mail server IP.

Type: A
Name: mail
Content: (the other IP)
TTL: Automatic
State: Redirected

That’s right, except it currently shows as proxied (:orange:), make sure it’s unproxied (:grey:), and you should be good to go.

Done! I will try what happens. Thank you very much!!!

Perfect, that points to an IP ending in 111. If that’s right, your mail should work as expected DNS-wise.

No problem, it will hopefully work now!

Yes, that IP is ok. Thanks!!! :slight_smile:

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