A lot of spammy direct traffic (not respecting block)

For some time I’m getting a significant amount of direct traffic that comes and goes.
CF firewall is set to high, sometimes when the wave comes I block the country (but it doesn’t always work - the traffic comes).

Actually right now I’m feeling defenseless against that traffic. Oh and it gave my site adsense limitation because of the quality of traffic.

Up to 100 users with <1s pageviews that come in waves… Help…

It’s possible that Google is classifying the traffic coming from one country when Cloudflare sees it coming from another, you can inspect the requests in your Firewall log and try find something common, perhaps a user agent, or a specific ISP, and block/challenge those.

You could also try challenging/blocking by “Threat score” in a Cloudflare firewall rule, however I personally haven’t played with this enough to know what values are good.

I’ve got Security Level on High

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