A lot of non-human traffic

I’ve requested to be a part of Ezoic’s ad community.

They denie me access due to a lot of non-human traffic in their opinion.

I’ve tried to figure out a way to block the non-human traffic - they won’t tell me where they get the data, but they have access to my Google Analytics account and I see a lot of dirrect traffic to a 2 year old blog which doesn’t make sence because of low brand awareness i guess.

Below I’ve inserted a picture of my current overview here at cloudflare and there’s a lot of requests… could this be the issue or is this totally normal with so many requests?

Doesn’t anyone have any input on this? :slight_smile:

I don’t really understand your question, but if you suspect that there is a lot of bot traffic you can always add a Firewall rule to block bots:


Ezoic tells me that I have a lot of bots visiting my site. I’ve just deployed “Threat score and bad bots” as you showed me and I’ll wait and see what it does.

I can see that after blocking specific contries the total request per day has dropped from 23.000-32.000 to 18.000 in average…