A lot of emails with error before SSL issuance

We have DNS zone in Cloudflare for certain domains and we’re trying using Total TLS for issuing SSL certs for subdomains. Before SSL cert is issued, we’re receiving a lot of emails with something like The Domain Control Validation (DCV) has failed for the certificate with the ID [xxxxxx] belonging to Zone ID [yyyyyyy]. The DCV method is currently set to txt.

A certificate is finally issued after some time, but previous emails are slightly irritating. What should we do to avoid this situation? Thank you for your help and reply.

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You can disable those notifications. In the dashboard, under Notifications → SSL/TLS, most likely you have a notification created for Advanced Certificate Alerts There’s also SSL for SaaS and Univeral Cert alerts, the same. As far as I have known and seen, it’s normal for it to fail a few times before succeeding, have to wait for propagation and such. Instead, under each domain, SSL/TLS → Edge Certs → Certificate Transparency Monitoring, you can enable that to get emails about each successfully created certificate from any authority, and watch issuance’s that way.

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