A lot of 522 errors on back-end

Hi there!

Recently, all of my websites have started to have problems with the WordPress dashboard. Menus do not load as they should, very slow, among other problems. I decided to look at the Chrome console, and I see a waterfall of 522 errors.

My host provider says that is a Cloudflare problem, because there are many other clients that use Cloudflare and are not complaining.


The best way to solve the issue is to follow the tip here on the Community.

This is kinda contradicting their point…

I asked the host specifically about this IP blocking issue. And they only respond with this argument.

“in our test environment everything is ok”

Do you know if I can release these IPs using htaccess or something?

This KB article should help achieve that, check the IPs with Cloudflare.com/ips to make sure they are up to date…


Note that it may depend on the host if these changes actually work.

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