A lot of 502 errors on my site


Dear Sir / Madame,

I receive a lot of 502 errors on my website. The adress is connix.nl
I already asked my hosting provider for help and they say that their systems
are fine and they told me to contact Cloudflare. Can you please provide a

Best Regards.


It seems that your domain is :grey: grey clouded, meaning traffic is hitting the origin servers directly. I am confused about the fact that your hosting provider would blame Cloudflare. Cloudflare doesn’t proxy traffic when it is :grey:

Your site currently loads very slowly. If you just changed from :orange: to :grey: and you have seen 502 Cloudflare branded errors, then that just might be the reason.


I turned them off earlier today. But i reveive the errors already for a long time. I just turned it on again. See the attached picture.


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