A long time has passed

Good morning Cloudflare Support Team.
It has been a long time since the implementation of your dns servers !!! And the truth was updating it and solving various problems …
A few days ago they implemented servers for the family with content blocking, etc. Applause for this !!!
I sit in front of the notebook and write to ask if they have any solution for the EDNS ECS issue or if they continue working on it.
Is it possible to generate some dns servers with EDNS ECS support as they have done with Family?

Thank you very much already!!!

ECS was deliberately omitted. None of the 1.1.1.X services support ECS, including Family.

Thanks for your answer. I still hope that one day they will enable an ip with ECS support or that they will find a way to achieve something similar to ecs but without passing ip data …

Well, the exclusive purpose of ECS is to pass information about the IP address to the nameserver, so that’s unlikely to happen. They may cave and support ECS eventually, but ECS really isn’t something that should be necessary in the first place; there are more effective load balancing techniques, and they aren’t particularly expensive or difficult to implement.

Hello, good morning, thanks for your response.

Clearly I wish to find a way to fix the problems that lack of ecs entails, I am seeing various problems with aws and others …
I hope that you will soon find a way to mitigate these issues.


Hmm… with AWS? Do you have more info about that? I haven’t encountered any issues with AWS yet. Is it anything like this? SERVFAIL resolving s3-1-w.amazonaws.com

That would be one… Here’s more…

Not only with AWS there are problems…