A large number of issued certificates

2023-09-21 I came to Cloudflare with a domain brunj.ru , I changed the DNS records to those issued to me by Cloudflare
After that, there were a large number of issued ssl certificates for subdomains - crt.sh | brunj.ru
For example, this one - wiki.new.api.es.brunj.ru , gitlab.cloud.api.es.brunj.ru
I didn’t do it.
Please tell me, did Cloudflare do this?

Your domain is not using Cloudflare nameservers, but these:

BRUNJ.ru.               345600  IN      NS      ns2.firstvds.ru.
BRUNJ.ru.               345600  IN      NS      ns1.firstvds.ru.
;; Received 139 bytes from in 148 ms

No, as you are not using Cloudflare at all, these certificates were definitely not created by Cloudflare.

I used Cloudflare from 2023-09-21 to 2024-01-17, now I do not use the Cloudflare service
During this period, certificates were issued that I did not issue
You can use the DNS record history service to make sure I’m not lying
dnshistory .org/dns-records/brunj.ru

Did you pay for the Advanced Certificate Manager in Cloudflare?