A large number of internal transitions

After connect my website with Cloudflare for detect bots attack on site. But now i heve a large number of internal transitions and from traffic from search engines like 500 per days. Before connect Cloudflare have 20k traffic

Are all internal transitions due to a parameter ?__cf_chl_tk=

How to set up so that the counter does not count this internal transition

transition? Where are you seeing this?

For ref, the parameter is from users passing challenge pages. It’s expected to be there in your case.

In Yandex Metrika this transition with parameter ?__cf_chl_tk= It is defined as internal

That sounds like something you’d need to ask Yandex then. I have no clue how to modify their settings or criteria.
All I can say is that from a Cloudflare perspective, the parameter existing if using challenge pages is expected and normal.

Yandex said that it is necessary to configure the logic of “forwarding” the http header of the refer during redirects