A human user is being incorrectly targeted as a bot. What can be done?

Due to a recent spike in bot traffic slamming our online forum, we’ve recently been running our site in super bot fight mode. It’s pretty solid, but I have one user who is being incorrectly flagged as a bot. I’ve added him as an allow rule in the firewall for now, but this seems to be a poor solution to this particular problem.

I’m not an enterprise customer, and the docs seem to indicate that only the enterprise customer tier has the tools to report false positives? Am I reading this correctly?

Or is there something else that can be done to remove a bot flag from a specific IP origin?

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Super Bot Fight Mode is now configurable! Or so says the title of the blog post… the catch being that it is being rolled gradually. As soon as your zone(s) have SBFM as configurable, you’ll be able to create the exception rule to skip it for whatever IPs you need. Please read the post for details.

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Fantastic. I had missed that blog post. Thanks a bunch. I’ll keep checking to see if this has been applied to my widgets.

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