A finer volume control

We really like the Cloudflare player! But I must admit, the volume control is too coarse and does not allow for a fine adjustment of the video volume.
The player is accepting values even as low as 0.001, yet the volume control is only increasing and decreasing the value in 0.1 steps.

YouTube and other video players are using a range from 0-100, often with a step size of 1 or 5 at most.

So to provide an user experience more similar to other platforms, my proposal and wish would be: please make the volume control more fine.

Currently the player is using this HTML for the volume slider:
<input class="css-9ibc3t" name="volume" aria-label="volume" type="range" min="0" max="1" step=".1" value="0.001">
Therefore changing the step attribute to 0.05 or 0.01 should be sufficient and as long as there’s no other code that removes decimal places, the only change that is needed.

Thank you!


@doomdesign23 thanks for the suggestion! This is on our radar, and we hope to have this changed in the near future!


@doomdesign23 we’ve deployed this change to production. :smiley:

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