A few questions on self-hosted applications

  • When viewing the site/domain settings in cloudflare, are there indicators that show the site/domain/subdomain is fronted by zero trust?

  • Can the site be insecure, as in, http?

  • Can the site use ports other then 80/443, that are supported by cloudflare, like 8080?

having issues with a site that is http and on port 8080.

Cloudflare passes the initial authentication but then says origin is unreachable, error page with the green - green - red symbols.

the site can be reached fine if removed from the application list in zero trust

You can check in your Zero Trust dashboard for applications covered by Zero Trust, but there isn’t any visibility in the normal dash settings.

I don’t believe so given the cookies set by access use the Secure Flag

Yes, but you need to make sure the Access Application includes the port


Thanks, but this one I’m not clear on.

suppose I have a server that listens on 2 ports and they’re 2 different sites:
https://example.com:443 (standard port)
https://example.com:8443 (custom port)

They both work fine behind the Cloudflare proxy.

How do I only add the 8443 site to Zero Trust Applications, leaving the standard 443 out of it? This area does not allow for port specification.

Looks like I was wrong there. Re-reading the documentation and found

Cloudflare Access does not support port numbers in URLs. Port numbers are stripped from requests for URLs protected through Cloudflare Access.


You should really use a tunnel to connect to http only apps.

They also support whatever custom ports you might use, and are obviously compatible with Zero Trust Applications.

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