A few issues with workers (when creating a worker)

Ok, I have noticed several problems with Cloudflare workers (most if not all of these when creating a worker).

  1. The preview section is blank (even with a resolvable return fetch URL)!

To better clarify (and prove) that I’m setting my website (https://aboutrock2.godaddysites.com/) as the return fetch URL and this is what I see (and yes, the script is included on purpose)

And if you try to fetch https://aboutrock2.godaddysites.com/ it is reachable!

And I don’t have a root domain (since the root domain for that site is godaddysites.com and I don’t own it)

So why is the preview blank? It’s been doing this for a few weeks!

  1. The WebSocket doesn’t display errors or warnings (or anything for that matter) from time to time

To clarify what I mean, I’ve provided a screenshot where I screwed up the coding (on purpose) on line 18

And line 18 IS screwed up right (it’s not supposed to be like that)

And to prove that, if I save and deploy the worker (with the current code in the screenshot provided above) it shows this

And even after that, the damn console is STILL blank!

So will someone tell me why this is happening, is it on my end? Should I try clearing my cookies or what? Or is it on Cloudflare’s end (even though the incident with Cloudflare workers is resolved)


  1. That is very likely a you issue (blocking something likely, check console). I cannot repro and there have been no reports.

  2. Yeah, this may happen. Some errors may not show up right away or need another update to do so. The online editor isn’t really the ideal place to write code to begin with though. So I think improving that is probably not a super high priority

You should instead just write the code locally using an editor like VS Code, Sublime, or whatever. Then simply use Wrangler to publish it. Miniflare is a great tool to test locally too


What console?

I assume the console in developer tools which you can access by pressing F12.


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