A few basic questions about Workers KV

I don’t really understand what Workers KV is, even after reading through the docs, but I see it in the response headers sometimes (cf-apo-via:kv) for my website that’s using Cloudflare APO on the pro subscription.

The response has no “age” when it hits on KV, so does that mean the response is generated at the time of request? (I assume so because the TTFB is much higher on KV hits compared to cf-apo-via:cache)

Should I disable Workers KV if I don’t seem to need it for its intended purpose? (High-read applications and highly dynamic APIs). Or is there no downside to leaving it enabled, because if a request doesn’t hit KV it’ll just be a plain old miss, right?

Edit: My dashboard shows 0 reads/writes/storage for both Workers and Workers KV, even though I see that KV is handling some responses by the header above. Why is that?

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