A dramatic drop in google speed rating


I am new to Cloudflare and new to website building as a whole.

I have been trying all day to increase the speed of my website which is the reason of getting cloudflare.
Since activating cloudflare i have noticed a reduction in my google speed rating from 70 down to 11! I mean, i don’t know websites too well, but i know that this is a massive drop??

I was thinking of just deactivating cloudflare altogether, but i thought i would at least speak out the question, in case it was a simple error on my part…

I have changed the nameserver correctly and i have attached the API key to my hummingbird plugin on wordpress.

Can anyone please advice me where i have gone wrong or what has happened?

I have noticed that my desktop rating is still at 91, so it seems to only be the mobile performance that has drastically reduced…

Many thanks,

I’m not a moderator nor an admin but just trying to give a hand of help.
What’s your website?

Try analyzing with Google Chrome Lighthouse test and see what your results are and how to improve.

Here are some helpful tools:

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Might want to read these 2 threads

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I have tried to go through these but tbh, it all really confuses me!

I have attempted to go through everything i can to increase the performance but my grade is still ridiculously poor!
The only thing that i have seen since adding cloudflare is a decrease is states rather than an increase… google stats

My predominate traffic comes from mobile users, so this is not great…

I don’t really know what to do…

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I am new to website building and new to cloudflare. I have heard a few good things about cloudflare, however, i do believe i must be doing something wrong!

Since installing cloudflare and hummingbird on to my website, my website performance has decreased??
It makes no sense… Surely the point of these plugins is not only security, but performance on the website itself also?

I am on the free mode which i know would make a difference towards paying, but surely it would not ‘decrease’ the performance of the website??

According to gtmetrix i get a rating E without Cloudflare, but with Cloudflare, i get a rating F. I can even a notice in website speed being reduced…

Can anyone give me some pointers here?

Many thanks,

Would you be able to show me your GTMetrix results ?
I can help, I was in the same boat as you and went on a crazy benchmarking spree until I reached A/B ratings but that was because I did what Google Chrome Lighthouse/GTMetrix suggested to getting a better rating.

Hey Jay,

I am really unsure what information that you are looking for, so i have just printed entire screen…
I have no idea what is happening, but i have found nothing but problems since moving to Cloudflare! Even my google ads have now stopped working lol

I thought i would test to see what would happen if i removed hummingbird and cloudflare and this is what GTMetrix says now…

It makes absolutely no sense! surely these plugins are supposed to increase performance.

So can anyone help…?

Is Cloudflare free worth keeping or should i just remove it from my website?

Hey Carl,
Looking at those results, the HIGH impact needs to be optimized, that’s a long server response time, shouldn’t be more than 400ms in my opinion. Whatever hosting you’re using could be the root cause. If you get that server response time down, your score will be a bit better.

Also, if you can try to fix the large layout shifts, that will help your score as well.
Setup an efficient cache policy on static assets, this also helps too.
Try to reduce that huge network payload (5,116kB) convert images to webP and compress them. You can try using: https://ezgif.com/optiwebp

Not sure what the LOW impacts are but if you want, you can expand that and show me and see if there’s a better way to host those files.

Key areas to work on: TTFB, FCP, Online Time, Fully Loaded Time.

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