A domain is managed by cloudflare, by an unknown account

A domain is managed by cloudflare, by an unknown account

I have reviewed my accounts and those of my clients, of which I am an administrator, and the domain is not in cloudflare.

The truth is that the domain DOES have the cloudflare dns, both in the registry (managed by me) and that I have already changed as a preventive measure until the problem is analyzed

When I went to my client’s account, I was able to register the domain without cloudflare asking me for any verification of the identity or ownership of the domain.

I don’t know where to find this issue.

When I wanted to make a complaint of abuse, I find this.

Invalid IP passed to api: This domain is in one account not mananged for owner of domain

The domain is using the dns hugh.ns.cloudflare.com and nicole.ns.cloudflare.com that were configured due to a client error in their whois.

Someone took advantage of this to create the domain under his account, directing the traffic to an illicit place.

I have verified that in the account of my client that I manage, I could register it, without any verification, nor without colliding with the existing configuration in any of the cloudflare accounts, which would not be authorized to use it.

Can you tell me or review this security problem?

Of course, and as an urgent measure, I have proceeded to eliminate the cloudflare dns in the whois of the domain, but I do not want to put the cloudflare dns back, as long as I find another account that has the domain configured.

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