A Domain I do not Own is redirecting to my Site

After doing a google search I found a domain I do not own redirecting to the non https version of my site. I do not want this domain redirecting to my site because I do not own it. After a quick who is search I learned this domain is hosted on cloud flare as well. Is it a issue with cloud flare redirecting this site to my ip or did I do something wrong. All my name servers are pointed to the correct cloudflare nameservers and no one has logged into my cloud flare account so I am not sure how this happened.
Thanks for the help

Does it redirect or it serves the content of your site? Because the first case you can’t do anything about, they can redirect to whomever they want (you could force HTTPS, as you should, but that is a different topic), if they serve them you should make sure your server (if they actually serve from your own server and they didn’t scrape your content, check that) responds only to your domain.

In the case they scraped your content you could try contacting Cloudflare’s abuse team, not sure what and if they will do something, but trying never hurts.

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It serves the content on my site. I believe it is a abandoned site and it is a coincidence that my server has the same ip as their old site. I contacted Cloudflare support about it to see if they can contact them to change it.

Then make sure your server replies only to your domain name, your server is not configured as it should.

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