A Domain DNS was change in our account

Dear Team kindly assist one of our domain on cloudflare DNS was change to
claiming it was Namecheap account, a domain that has been transferred to cloudflare can namecheap still control it ? or this are scammers?

Please i need help on how to restored the DNS back to cloudflare.

You need to change the nameservers at the registrar, which sounds like it namecheap, back to your assigned cloudflare nameservers.

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we can’t find it in our namecheap account

Can you share your domain name so the Community can provide you with more detailed information?

myhank dot co

Namecheap is indeed the registrar and the domain is expired. Perhaps it was registered by someone else in the organization.

what i need is a hint of the account so i can trace to who has the account in the organization

That information will be held by Namecheap. You will need to contact them. Cloudflare will have no visibility into that.


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