A DNS Records Related To MX Records : "DNS only" -or- "Proxied"

Hi dear community :
In the image below you can see two A DNS Records (mail & mail2) Related to two MX DNS Records (mail & mail2).
Should i do “DNS only” status for those two A Records or “Proxied”?
I prefer “Proxied” status and hide my main ip from mail clients.

You cant hide the MX related address as Cloudflare does not handle email.

It should be unproxied, though it wont matter much as Cloudflare will create an additionally dummy record anyhow for all proxied addresses in an MX context.

So what’s happen when an attacker try to ddos mail.mydomain.com or mail2.domain.com?

As that address is not behind Cloudflare they will hit your machine directly.

At this time my mail server is working perfect.
But you tell me do not “Proxied” those A Records.
What should i do about attackers?
If i “Proxied” them what happens exactly?

I addressed already what happens when you leave them proxied.

You best might want to get a third party email service in this case.

Thanks for the quick help.

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