A DNS Problem

I have 2 domains.
One hosted Domain Registrar @ registar.com - MyDomain1.com
One hosted Domain Registrar @ cloudflare.com - MyDomain2.com

both domains are using

NS danica.ns.cloudflare.com
NS stanley.ns.cloudflare.com

Both test.MyDomain1.com and test.MyDomain2.com are served on the same vhost @ the same IP adress.

works and serves pages

Connection timed out Error code 522

The host is fine and has been shown to work
What can I do to resolve this Cloudflare DNS problem/configuration issue?

The domain name advertisement injected on this post is not helping and frankly quite annoying.

You created the “advertising” by using a domain name that belongs to someone else. Don’t use other people’s real domain names as your examples. There are plenty of reserved domains for such use.

You can also use <\>Preformatted text to prevent automatic linking.

Without the real domain names it will be difficult for you to get many useful answers

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Back to the problem at hand why is the DNS not working

No one can answer that until you provide a bare minimum of useful information.

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registar.com works and Cloudflare.com does not work.

Both use the same server and Cloudflare says that there is a host error.

both use the identical records

Yeah, This is FUBAR I am glad I did not transfer all my domains over. It is clear that the registar domain registration works and the Cloudflare domain registration does not work. same CF domain servers, same webserver. CF domain is messed up.

test.wwwmri.com is registered on registar.com is using CF name servers

test.mrifx.com is registered on CloudFlare.com is using CF name servers and does not work.

Why don’t domain names registered on Cloudflare work but domains on registatr.com work

What happens when you pause Cloudflare on the domain that is giving you the 522 timeout error?

You also have proxied the hostname of your MX record. That is typically problematic. If your MX host is on your webserver, it is preferable to create a dedicated MX hostname using either an A or AAAA record (or both if applicable) and make sure that it is :grey: DNS Only.


I am not worried about my MX records.

Pause?? What is that. Cloudflare is the host of the domain.

sounds like you want me to change registars.

Apparently there is something problematic that requires trial and error troubleshooting,

This does not sound good,

I deleted all the MX records which have nothing to do with my Problem.

No Pause button found

My site does not need troubleshooting I have already done that.
Registar works Cloudflare does not. Same server and IP address

Hello @mriservice,

Any idea why I am unable to connect to your host on port 80 and 443?

wwwmri.com - works fine.

% nc -z -v wwwmri.com 80
Connection to wwwmri.com port 80 [tcp/http] succeeded!
% nc -z -v wwwmri.com 443
Connection to wwwmri.com port 443 [tcp/https] succeeded!
% nc -z -v mrifx.com 443
% nc -z -v mrifx.com 80-443

Thank you.

wwwmri.com works fine since it is not registered with Cloudflare. It is only using the CF name servers

Pause failed too

This indicates that the problem is entirely with your origin server configuration or that of its network. Your site will not work with the Cloudflare proxy enabled when it isn’t working when attempting to reach it directly.

This has nothing to do with which registrar the domain uses.

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The fact is that all the servers work on my vhost and just to make sure I created test2.mrifx.com and that failed too.

I have used the same name servers so the only thing is left is the the Cloudare domain name registrar.

I’m not sure how you can claim

when attempts to connect directly to the webserver time out. Traceroute to the IP ends at a switch operated by Joe’s Data Center LLC.

I don’t know what is causing your connectivity issue, but it has nothing to do with the registrar.

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