A dangerous problem

I put a site on a server,

and I returned sites on another server, but all the sites are on the same account in the Cloudflare. Why, if the site is banned from another server, the Cloudflare bans all sites from another server as well? Isn’t this a problem?



What error do you get?

Error Code: 10002. Status Code: 400, Error: Review request failed. Please contact . (Code: 10002)

The link to the site where the problem was and was resolved is chatpalestine*me
But the other problem with the same account is that there is another server, why was it blocked?

Hello, dear, my sites in the account are not on the same server. The affected site is a completely different server from the rest of the other sites with the same account. Here the infected site is chatpalestineme and chat-bnatwestcom is on another server. Why was it stopped by you? Can I subscribe to a plan to recover the work of other domains that are on another server?


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