A correct cloudflare nameserver with a trailing dot is detected as wrong

Cloudflare can’t detect that I’ve set the nameservers correctly. The error page suggests me to remove ‘ivy.ns.cloudflare.com.’ and ‘noel.ns.cloudflare.com.’, which is identical to the correct nameservers except for a trailing dot. The dot is added by my registrar forcely, and according to http protocal, a domain with or without a trailing dot is identical.

My domain: czgroup.top
My registrer: Tencent Cloud, China

As far from now on, it’s looking good so far:

czgroup.top. IN NS
czgroup.top. 21600 IN NS ivy.ns.cloudflare.com.
czgroup.top. 21600 IN NS noel.ns.cloudflare.com.

But, due to propper DNS propagation process, you should wait up to 24 hours to apply the changes all around the World for the new nameservers to recognize them.
Keep in mind that name server changes can take up to 48 hours to propagate.

I still get some old ones mixed:

Thank you for your reply, but I don’t quite understand. The error page of Cloudflare (attached) has explicitly prompted me to remove “ivy.ns.cloudflare.com.” from the name server, which means that my nameserver setting changes have been propagated to Cloudflare and identified by it. Anyway, I have waited for more than 36 hours and the situation has not improved.

May I ask have you already tried clicking on the blue button Check nameservers at the Cloudflare Dashboard?

You could also try to flush the DNS for NS type using below tools if so:

Furthermore, regarding GitHub pages and Cloudflare, have you followed below instructions how to setup them correctly?:

Or you wanted to setup Cloudflare Pages instead?:

Here a good example, and a note for the CNAME type record:

Are the hostnames at Cloudflare dashboard proxied :orange:?

I see this below as far for now:

The site can be accessed normally, but Cloudflare complains that the name server is not correctly set, so all the traffic analyze, etc., are not available. The problem still exists, and the reason is simple: .top domain has a trailing dot in whois information, which is not supported by Cloudflare.

So I think think Cloudflare stuff needs to step in.

Running a Dig command, it shows you have some non-Cloudflare name servers set up as NS records. If you can remove those two extra ones, it just might fix this.

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