A/CNAME record disapeared/stopped working

Our domain is [TheMalignantNarcissists . com. We had an A Record (or CNAME record I guess) music . themalignantnarcissists . com pointing to an external site that no longer works. Our SSL cert recently expired because we don’t need anything secure. Why would our A/CNAME record stop working? When I try to open that in a browser it defaults to https:// (it should be http://). How can I change that?

You might need to configure your server, the origin server which is your host webserver, to use SSL by default.
Also configure in the Cloudflare dashboard on your domain name asset. On left side menu the SSL/TLS activate Full or Full (strict).

Currently unencrypted http is totally not recommended. The browsers make alerts when websites are served on http. So if you want your website have visits it is likely that https will do a better service.

Learn more here [https://developers.cloudflare.com/ssl/](https://developers.cloudflare.com/ssl/)