A certain page is not appearing when I activate Cloudflare

When I use Cloudflare, there is a page in my web application that does not display, although if I pause Cloudflare, the page will appear. I need your additional support.

Hello there,

Does it throw any error/ error code?

Would you share the page details or site so that community members can help you out?

No, it’s not showing me any errors.

This box is to capture the signature and it will store as an image but when active Cloudflare the box will not show up due to which I can’t take any signature.

This is the page it shows once I activate Cloudflare. Because of this problem, I’m unable to use Cloudflare, and the site has been paused for many months.

Hmm. Are you using jquery plugin here? If that’s the case, I think it shouldn’t block. May I suggest here you debug in this case to check which element is being blocked? I see both images having SSL lock symbolizing that CF is on. Your ips are not pointing to CF.

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