A certain css is getting "blocked" (403 error) when cloudflare is on

I’m having an issue where i’m getting a 403 forbidden error on this file https://themotionbooks.com/wp-content/themes/bridge/css/stylesheet.min.css (it sometimes works on my phone, sometimes not). But right now, i’m not able to load my-account pages on my wordpress website without it looking trash (css issues). And the only reason that works, is because my website caching plugin creates combined css files, so it doesn’t fetch that specific file - until i get to a non-cached page that loads all the css feels.

When I turn on dev mode, everything is fine. The css file loads perfectly fine.

Turn it off, and the css is getting a 403 error.

I did noticed that in the past week or so, I was getting 403 errors on random pages when working on the website, I thought maybe it’s just my issue, but I’ve actually had users send me screenshots. So that’s an issue that I’m looking into now and I’m able to replicate it.

What is going on? I’m going crazy.

You need to check the Firewall Events. Did you see anything?

It currently loads fine everywhere, sitemeer.com/#https://themotionbooks.com/wp-content/themes/bridge/css/stylesheet.min.css, but I guess you have development mode enabled, don’t you?

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