A bit of a mess, maybe

I have 8 domains in Cloudflare. They basically all have the same number of similar DNS records. I have edited only 4 of them before I decided to stop and ask myself some questions. The first domain I edited the dns, I think correctly, it included the 3 servers, route1.mx.cloudflare.net, route2 & route 3. And it resolves correctly. The next 3 domains were did not have the this segregation of servers. They only had one server per domain. In my wisedom :slight_smile: I deleted the one server and added the 3 servers. I stopped this when I’d edited 4 domains. The first domain, which I’m fairly sure is correct, and the last 3 which I think are not correct. Because they didn’t come with the come with the 3 servers route1,2,3. In my wisdom I deleted the one server, and added the 3 servers copied from the first domain. They also resolve.

But I think I have something missing because they didn’t come with the 3 servers from the outset. I had to add them and then delete the single nameserver. My question is will my servers work as is, or should I get the 3 servers immediately. And what do I need to add to get the 3 servers from the outset?

Thank you

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