A big Waiting for server response

Waiting for server response 5.18s with Cloudflaire by proxi hosting if 20+ images(all images in WEBP optimizied) in response 2-page of pagination and 1.16s when 3 images in response in 3-page of pagination why A big delay mine site [https://blog-test99.fanslet.com/](https://blog-test99.fanslet.com/) Why a so big delay help please anyone. Without proxi i dont have any problems. And hostings provider says the same that ask about it Cloudflare support. Help please

Hi @seroga9203 I cannot see any slowness:

and can confirm a webp image I inspected (https://blog-test99.fanslet.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/celebrities-blog.webp) is also being cached:
Cf-Cache-Status: HIT

Can you please share any results of slow performance with us?

Hi! Yes sure i can. This problem we have when its not a static page like now we use WP-Rocket to Preload cache And all pages are in Gzip in cache but when disable it or its AJAX dynamical request we have some strange a big Waiting for server response


@jochen Hi did you see my message? if you can help please help with our problem.

@jochen Why are we paying you money for a PRO package where there is at least minimal response from you and only problems? How to solve this problem?

@cloudflaire Why hasn’t anyone answered for who knows how long?

no my question not been answered(