A/B Testing - Cloudflare Workers

I am trying to create a system for doing A/B tests that won’t slow down my Wordpress site. I can use Google Optimize, but it has the flicker effect, and it slows down my site a little bit.

if I use Cloudflare Workers to show two different versions of the same page, will I notice any decrease in speed?

And for those who have experience in this area, would you recommend using Workers or Google Optimize, if my goal is speed?

I’ve been using similar approach to this recipe: https://developers.cloudflare.com/workers/recipes/a-b-testing/
Basically if experiment is active (cookie is present), you just make request to a different page/page version.

It doesn’t impact your site speed, as you serve different page from edge. As apposed to AB testing frameworks, that injects JS. Only downside is, that I find CF workers not that comfortable to deal with AB testing (multiple experiments etc) and it’s pain to debug.