A and CNAME records are ignored

I changed my name servers to Cloudflare and set up the records as they were before:

However, A and CNAME records for subdomains, pointing to servers different than the main one (WP Engine), were ignored and all traffic was forwarded to the main domain: elabedu.eu, which naturally resulted in an error:

Please advise.on this matter.

(I went back to previous name servers in order to not lose the traffic.)

Hi there,

Blake with the support team here.

Are you no longer using WP Engine?

Is your site routing to an old configuration.

Have you reached out to WP Engine to remove any old routing?


at the moment we are using WP Engine ( for hosting of our main website.

The domain has exactly the same configuration as above, only set up with previous name servers (ns1.nazwa.pl, ns2.nazwa.pl), and it works fine. When I change name servers to Cloudflare and enter the same records, the subdomain ones seem to be ignored as all the requests are routed to WP Engine.

I am not sure what you mean by “site routing to an old configuration”. The only redirect set up at WP Engine is redirection from www.elabedu.eu to elabedu.eu (without “www” prefix). My issue is that the expo, online, openday etc. subdomains should not be routed to WP Engine in the first place.

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