A and AAAA Proxied DNS not propagating

Our client has added new TXT records which are not proxied and are resolving correctly. They have also changed the A and AAAA Content addressses to the correct ones and these are currently proxied. I cannot tell if they are reolving correctly as they are proxied.

http domain comes up with a 404 error
https domain comes up with a Cloudflare 525 error

They made the changes over 24 hours ago. Any ideas what wrong?

Why not? Just check the server logs to see whether the 404 is coming from it or not. Chances are, the requests are reaching the correct server.

If you don’t want to share the domain and actual IP, check if things work when you bypass Cloudflare. I usually check with curl like this:
curl -v https://example.com --connect-to ::actual-ip

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