"A ALIAS" record in DNS

I am moving to a different host, and the developer is asking me to create an “A ALIAS” record. Not just a standard A record that points to an IP address.

So for example, my new A record would be: mydomainDOTcom pointing to (IP number)
They want me to also add an A ALIAS record that says mydomainDOTcom points to newsiteDOTotherdomainDOTcom

I can’t figure out how to do this in Coudflare. Is it possible?

They probably call it an “A ALIAS” is it is a CNAME of the apex domain. CNAMEs of the domain name aren’t allowed by the standards, but some DNS providers allow them and they return A/AAAA results when queried to meet the standards (CNAME flattening).

With Cloudflare you can so just create a CNAME record:
CNAME ‘@’ target.example.com


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