A 526 error

Hi guys,

Can I join to this conversation. I have similar problem.
So my scenario is:
We have a running live site (feedmark.com) on a host. I would like to set up a new site on a another host with a subdomain like “new”. I cannot use Let’s Encrypt on it and my host sent me to ask CloudFlare, they think I have AAAA record.
When I try to browse it then I see this: (my CloudFlare setting below it:

I am not an expert on this field.
Can you help me sort this out.

Many thanks

The error you receive is because you do not have a valid certificate on your server.

Your host needs to make sure you have one. As mentioned in this thread IPv6 records are unrelated to that. You can also check out the other suggestions here regarding certificates.

Actually, you do have a valid certificate on your server but not for that “new” host. If you rename it to “test” it will probably work. Either work with “test” or make sure your host issues a certificate for “new” too.

Thank you Sandro,
The test.feedmark dot com is a working test site on the same host like feedmark dot com. So I cannot use it on the another host. That is Why I thought the “new” will be fine.On that host where I want to run the “new” there is another site (our very old version) which I can access. It is “feedmark.a2hosted.com”. There is no SSL either, but that is running.

For starters you need SSL on your server in any case, so if you have no certificate install one immediately.

Secondly, as long as you don’t have a valid certificate for that hostname Cloudflare will show that error.

I wanted to install Let’s Encrypt on the “new”, but I got this error

after it I contacted the host and they sent me to CloudFlare. They said:
Dear Client,

We apologize for the inconvenience but in that case you have to contact Cloudlare’s support and ask them to remove the record.

Unfortunately the record still exists and you can confirm it at https://dnschecker.org/#AAAA/new.feedmark.com


That’s exactly what was addressed at

Yes, thank you I saw that, but there is no AAAA record my CloudFlare settings.

But there is a " * ", Would it be the culprit?

No, but did you read my response? Otherwise you wouldn’t ask that question.

You need to unproxy the records in question. It probably is best to use an Origin certificate.

Okay, but if I unproxy them, what happen with the live site? Will it be down until I proxy them back?

Why should it be down?

But again, it probably is best you get an Origin certificate.

Sorry for the stupid questions, as I told you I am not an expert with this.
Would it be better if I put this whole thing on the live server where the another sites are running?
And will not be problem with this SSL.
Can I come back to you later. I finished work an hour ago. Speak to you on Monday or some point of the weekend.
I appreciate for your help!

Where you place it is not that important you need a valid certificate, that’s all. Either one from your host or an Origin one.

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