94% Cached But No Context / Details


Our cache percentage appears impressive at almost 94% but I can’t find any further details in our Pro account to see what this actually means.

A typical page currently is like 1 HTML request and then another say 99 JS, CSS, Font and Image requests from our own origin. Plus another bunch from external vendors.

As of these 99 sub requests, most are static, I would totally expect them to be cached.

I’d like to find out the cache percentage of the main HTML request, the actual URL visited.

If my 94% means 94 of my 99 static assets were served from Cloudflare but the main page wasn’t, then it’s not so impressive.

Can a breakdown be obtained somewhere, of actual assets served from cache and origin?

I believe Logflare can help you track this.

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:wave: @Johan.T,

Unless you have a cache everything page rule in place then 0% of your html requests were served from cache.

— OG

Thanks both for the links. Seems like LogFlare indeed breaks this down, giving us a nice starting point for setting up page urls for those that were reported back as Dynamic.


btw if you didn’t notice you can copy this Data Studio report to get you started with that (you’ll need to have a data source setup first):

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